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Responding to the increased purchasing power of its Hispanic customer base in Florida, Publix Super Markets announced its intention to rollout a line of private label Hispanic food products later this year.

The goal is to offer products such as frozen plantains and ready-to-eat black beans, but will not be launching an ad blitz to announce the initiative. Rather, Publix reportedly will use its regular weekly fliers and in-store promotions to generate visibility for the new line, which is estimated to be roughly 30 percent less expensive than similar branded products.

The company also says that it isn’t only targeting Hispanic shoppers with the new products, but also non-Hispanics with sophisticated tastes for ethnic cuisines.
KC's View:
Seems like a smart move to us. Anything that gives a chain a differential and proprietary advantage seems like an intelligent thing to do.

Interestingly, this notion of catering to local tastes with more interesting foods also is the strategy being employed by Kash n’ Karry as it changes into Sweetbay Supermarkets in western Florida. Which also seems very smart.

Best of all, it seems to mean that there is greater focus on the food. Which, it seems to us, is the best way to differentiate a supermarket.