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The Portland Press Herald reports that it looks like Ahold’s Stop & Shop division will finally open a store in Maine, as the Kennebunk Planning Board approved a proposal that would allow the company to build a 65,600 square foot supermarket there.

The approval, according to the paper, “ended one of the longest planning deliberations in the town's recent history. The project became a subject of controversy soon after it was proposed. It faced a townwide vote that aimed to block it, five separate public hearings and 18 months of inspection by town officials.”

There are a number of caveats in the board’s approval – plus the apparent likelihood of an appeal of its decision. The paper reports that Hannaford Bros. owns an adjacent lot, and is planning a legal move to block Stop & Shop.
KC's View:
If Stop & Shop does get the final go-ahead, we think it’ll face unusually strong competition from Hannaford, which has some of the nicest stores in New England.

Let the competition begin…