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The Content Guy is going to try to take a few days off to celebrate the holidays with the family…so there won't be any new postings on MNB next week. We'll be back on January 3 with an all-new edition of MNB…and what we think is our unique brand of news in context and analysis with attitude.

Rather than sum up the year past with a column of memory and reflection, we’d rather embrace 2005 as the year begins with an essay that sets out an agenda for the coming 363 days…and we’ll get to work on that immediately.

Let us just say for the moment that it has been a privilege hanging out with you folks for the past year. You make us think, you make us feel, you make us laugh, and you keep us young. Which is a great way to make a living, when you think about it.

In the meantime, as is our custom at this time of the year, we offer for your amusement the lyrics from one of our favorite Christmas songs…Jimmy Buffet's "Ho, Ho, Ho And A Bottle Of Rum", from his Christmas Island CD (which, if you don’t own it, you should):

    Santa's stressed out as the holiday season draws near
    He's been doing the same job now going on two thousand years
    He's got pains in his brain and chimney scars cover his buns
    He hates to admit it, but Xmas is more work than fun

    He needs a vacation from bad decorations and snow
    Mr. Claus has a has escape plans, a secret that only he knows
    Beaches and palm trees appear night and day in his dreams
    A break from his wife, his half-frozen life
    The elves and that damn reindeer team

    Ho, Ho, Ho And A Bottle Of Rum
    Santa's run off to the Caribbean
    He thinks about boat drinks and fun in the sun
    Ho, Ho, Ho And A Bottle Of Rum

    Plastic creations and crass exploitations aren't good
    He wants to go back to simple toys made out of wood
    Just for the weekend he'd like to be Peter Pan
    Get out of his long johns and dance with a sword,
    Dance with a sword in the sand

    Ho, Ho, Ho And A Bottle Of Rum
    Santa's off to the Caribbean
    Marimbas, calimbas, he's playing steel drums
    Ho, Ho, Ho And A Bottle Of Rum

    Ho, Ho, Ho And A Bottle Of Rum
    Santa's off to the Caribbean
    A week in the tropics and he'll be alright
    Sporting a tan as he rides out of sight

    Merry Christmas to all and to all good night

On that note, we’re going to don our Reyn Spooner “Mele Kalikimaka” Hawaiian shirt, do a little last minute Christmas shopping, and get ready to whip up the stuffing and mashed potatoes and put the turkey in the oven…

It would be almost impossible to send all of you a “Season’s Greetings” card, so we hope you’ll accept these best wishes for the holidays instead.

Mrs. Content Guy and the Content Kids join with us to wish you the happiest and safest of holidays…no matter what holiday you’re celebrating.

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