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Nice piece in Investors Business Daily about how certain chains - such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Food lion’s Bloom concept – are presenting younger consumers (ages 15-24) a “more invigorating experience and contemporary milieu.”

Whether by offering more organic and natural items that appeal to these consumers, or offering technologies that these folks find attractive, or simply reflecting a philosophy toward life and food that these consumers are sympathetic to, these retailers are making connections that will serve them well in the long run. While people between the ages of 15 and 24 make up just nine percent of the nation’s supermarket shoppers, the sad truth is that they’re all getting older and will shortly become the center of the target for the nation’s food retailers.
KC's View:
The other truth, we think, is that these people aren’t suddenly going to become middle class drones just because they age. They’re going to have the same interests and concerns, tempered perhaps by age and experience, but perhaps even stronger as they become parents and the custodians of the future.

This industry spends a lot of time talking about the stores of the future, but it ought to spend a lot more time thinking about the customers of the future.