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The Los Angeles Times reports that Americans are drinking about $22 billion worth of wine each year, and that wine consumption was up 5.2 percent last year, more than in any other year during the past decade.

The reason, according to the LAT: “A proliferation of inexpensive wines from both California and Australia; the greater availability of fine vintages at discount prices from retailers such as Costco and Target; and a budding interest in wine by people in their 20s.”

Still, there’s a lot of room for further growth. The Wine Market Council says that “though U.S. consumption is at an all-time high, just 12.5% of adults drink 86% of the wine purchased in America.”
KC's View:
For supermarkets that are able to sell wine, we think this is a category ripe for growth. After all, it is one that many consumers find to be intimidating – which means that a retailer that demystifies it effectively can really move the needle.