business news in context, analysis with attitude reports this morning that Royal Ahold is in danger of losing the “Royal” from its title because of the accounting scandals that have damaged both its reputation and bottom line.

The company was first awarded the “Royal” title in 1987.
KC's View:
We read this story and immediately thought of the great old Chuck Connors western series, “Branded.” Remember how he played the sole survivor of an Indian massacre, drummed out of the Army, and needing to spend the rest of his life proving that he wasn’t guilty?

We can still remember the theme song…

He was innocent.
Not a charge was true.
But the world will never know…

Scorned as the one who ran.
What do you do when you're branded,
And you know you're a man?

And wherever you go
for the rest of your life
You must prove ...
You're a man…

Of course, Ahold isn't exactly innocent…and Cees van der Hoeven is no Chuck Connors.