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  • InformationWeek reports that Wal-Mart is working to develop a more multi-channel approach to marketing, trying to connect the functionality of its brick-and-mortar units to online offerings.

    For example, the retailer is allowing people to upload digital photos on its website, then pick up prints at a local Wal-Mart…permitting people to order prescriptions and, where legal, contact lenses online for pickup in-store…and even order products online not normally carried in-store, but that can be delivered to a store for pick up.

    "We're leveraging the bricks-and-mortar stores and E-commerce to leverage the strengths of both," Linda Dillman, executive VP and CIO, tells InformationWeek. "We're marrying the strengths of being able to do something at home and pick it up at the neighborhood store."

  • Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced that Wal-Mart, Target and Office Depot will have to pay the state more than $2.4 million in back taxes that they failed to collect on sales made over the Internet. The companies had said they didn’t owe the taxes because their dot-com divisions were not based in Illinois, but the government said they did because their Illinois stores accepted returns of merchandise bought over the Internet.

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