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Reuters reports that Atkins Nutritionals plans to offer carb counters a pay service that will allow them to access software that will report on the carbohydrates in specific packaged foods as well as keeping track of carbs consumed on any given day.

The price of the service has not yet been announced, and is seen by analysts as a way for the Atkins company to recapture some of the energy and magic that drove low-carb excitement until recently. It also is similar to a program being offered by Weight Watchers, which allows dieters to access the organization’s website via their Palm PDAs.
KC's View:
This approach makes so much sense, and not just for companies like Atkins or Weight Watchers. Any process that allows consumers to interact more intimately and effectively with food retailers and service providers is a good thing. Selling food these days is far more than a matter of just selling food…it is providing information, suggesting ideas, and communicating confidence.

Smart idea.