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The Wall Street Journal reports that the US Supreme Court this week has listened to oral arguments in the case that could permit wineries to ship their products directly to consumers in all 50 states.

According to the WSJ, “Several justices said during yesterday's oral arguments that they don't believe longstanding alcohol-distribution laws allow states to bar out-of-state shipments when they at the same time let a local winery sell directly to consumers.”

When resolved, the case will determine which of two Constitutional provisions has priority – the one that allows states to regulate alcohol sales, or the one that bars regulations that block interstate commerce.

If the Supreme Court favors the latter, it will open the door to broad shipment of wine nationwide and the potentially common use of the Internet to order wine from wineries big and small.
KC's View:
We can only hope.

Now, we understand that some merchants that sell wine from brick-and-mortar locations might object to such a change, but we think that the actual effect will to be broaden the wine culture in the US, exposing more people to more kinds of wine. This expands the overall business, and actually could expand the wine business done by these retailers.