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  • Attorneys for Costco have convinced a federal district court that the company should be able to pursue a lawsuit that charges that state liquor laws violate fair trade laws, a case that Washington State’s beer and wine distributors hoped to derail before it ever got before a judge.

    Costco wants to overturn a system that prevents it from buying directly from manufacturers, arguing that this would allow it to pass along greater savings to consumers. The current system prevents direct negotiations and bars discounts on volume sales.

    Both sides expect a protracted court battle on the merits of the case.

  • Bloomberg reports that Starbucks’ Paris operations are performing “way above expectations,” leading the company to continue its growth plans there. The company opened its first Paris store last January, and now has seven, with another two to open before the end of the year.

  • Bloomberg reports that Metcash Trading, Australia's biggest grocery wholesaler, has offered to buy Foodland Associated's Australian retail business for the equivalent of $660 million (US), which would create a nationwide grocery distribution network.

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