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  • A Canadian appeals court has ruled that Wal-Mart must turn over all internal documents related to the attempted unionization of one of its stores in southern Saskatchewan.

    The Saskatchewan Labor Relations Board requested the paperwork at the request of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), which said that enough workers at the store had signed membership cards to make union certification of the store automatic. Wal-Mart said that a number of employees had not been included in the unionization drive, and therefore the certification was neither legitimate nor automatic – and refused to provide the documents on the grounds that they were irrelevant.

    Wal-Mart said it was considering an appeal of the appeals court ruling.

  • CBS MarketWatch reports that Wal-Mart seems ready to make a big move in terms of its Internet presence this holiday season, as it puts a 50 items - ranging from electronics to cashmere sweaters, none of which are available at its brick-and-mortar stores - on sale via its website.

    Wal-Mart’s site has seen both a dramatic increase in traffic (up 47 percent last month compared to October 2003), commensurate with an expansion of the categories and selection of products available on the site. CEO John Fleming tells CBS MarketWatch that the company understands that there will be more than 85 million people shopping on the Internet this holiday season, and that the company wants a piece of that action.

KC's View:
Make that a “big piece” of the action. Wal-Mart doesn’t believe in small pieces.