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Three years ago, on a chilly Monday morning, I poured myself a hot cup of coffee, opened my laptop and posted the first regular edition of Now, some 750 editions and something like three million words and three thousand cups of coffee later, I’m starting year four.

I was thinking about how I would mark the occasion, about how I would adequately express my feelings for this community that we’ve built together and my appreciation for the MNB users and sponsors who have made it all possible.

But today, of all days, I’m going to choose understatement and brevity. I’m having a great time, and the sheer size and passion of the MNB user base – and the way it grows every day – suggests to me that you’re having a good time, too. Not that we always agree…but the goal here isn’t to be agreeable, but rather informative, provocative, interesting, and always entertaining.

I’m having a great time, and I have no intention of stopping until I get it right. Besides, MNB has been a wonderful platform from which I’ve been able to given dozens of speeches and meet hundreds of you out on the road. Some people call their user base a “community” because they believe it is a good “buzz word.” But I call it a community because I’ve been lucky enough to have been embraced by so many of you, and because we talk back and forth so often and about so many subjects (many of them personal and never finding their way to the site).

Tonight, I’m going to have a glass of red wine or two and make a toast to all of you. If you think of it, I hope you’ll do the same.

And then early on Monday morning, I’ll pour myself a hot cup of coffee, open up the laptop and get back to work. I hope that not only will you join me, but that you'll continue to tell your friends and co-workers, clients and customers about MNB. Because it just doesn’t work without you.

By the way, I had a great idea for a little video commercial for MNB. Picture this…

    Fade in:

    It’s five in the morning, and I stumble downstairs to work on MNB. It’s dark and cold out, I turn on the laptop, and pour myself a cup of coffee. As I struggle to adjust my eyes to the dim light, Nicollette Sheridan walks into the room, wearing only a towel. She suggests that we could “hook up” if only I could stop writing. I demur…and then she drops her towel.

    And I, of course, being a complete moron, say, “No, no, there are 12,000 MNB users out there depending on me! Put that towel back on, Nicollette…and would you mind getting me a fresh cup of coffee and maybe a Krispy Kreme?”

    Fade out.

Terrell Owens has his fantasies, and I have mine. Which probably explains a lot.

Have a great weekend. Sláinte!
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