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Yesterday, MNB reprinted a June 2004 column by Content Guy Kevin Coupe (from the now defunct “FMI Advantage”) that reflected on various retailing trends that he found during a recent trip to the UK.

An excerpt:

“One of the other food retailing concepts that we saw and liked a lot was something called, simply, ‘Rocket’ – kiosks that feature bagged sandwiches, and food “kits” that can be warmed or cooked for dinner. The selection is small and ever-changing, and the emphasis is on not having what the company calls “the nasties in processed food.” There are 24 Rocket kiosks in locations around England…”

What we didn’t know…and that several MNB users pointed out to us after they visited the Rocket website that we referred them to, was that since we wrote the piece for “Advantage” last summer, Rocket has closed down its operations. We may have liked the idea, but apparently there just wasn’t enough consumer interest – or too much competition – to make it viable.

Sorry about that.

We would point out, however, without the slightest bit of defensiveness, that the fact that Rocket closed down doesn’t make it a bad idea. It may have been badly funded, badly marketed, badly executed. But the essential idea was a good one…and we suspect you’ll see new iterations of the concept down the road.
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