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Nice interview in USA Today with management guru Peter Drucker, addressing what he feels makes an effective executive.

The best comment: “Most business executives tend still to be very inside-focused — primarily because they get so much inside information. But quite a few are now organizing their outside dimension. The best way — I've said so often — is to be active in one or two non-profits — in addition to sitting on the board once a year and writing a check.”
KC's View:
We agree. (Not that Drucker needs our approbation.)

The worst executives – and we all know who they are – are the ones who only get their information from an inner circle, refusing to get out in the field to see and hear things that could challenge their view of the business. They have an enormous blind spot, and they either don’t know it or have convinced themselves that this kind of isolation is a strength.

It is, however, just a delusion – and one that threatens whatever business they happen to be running. Under such circumstances, disaster is not a possibility…it is inevitable. It’s just a matter of when.