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  • Parade magazine, in its annual “What America Eats” survey, published yesterday, noted that 45 percent of Americans tried to lose weight over the past year by reducing portion size, 40 percent tried to eat lower-fat foods, and 31 percent said they were eating reduced-calorie foods. In addition, four out of ten people surveyed had tried the Atkins Diet, 23 percent had joined Weight Watchers, and 12 percent had tried the South Beach Diet since 2002.

  • As it continues to sell off non-core businesses to improve its financial situation, Ahold has agreed to sell 13 hypermarkets in Poland to Carrefour. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

  • At the same time, Ahold keeps trying to rebuild sales and market share it its home market in the Netherlands, announcing that it will cut prices by as much as 35 percent on as many as 2,000 SKUs.

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