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MNB often complains about supermarket chains that keep opening the same old boxes…but there is evidence this week of companies that are throwing change-ups at the consumer, hoping that a whole new approach will capture shoppers’ imaginations and food dollars.

In Seminole, Florida, Kash n’ Karry has opened its first Sweetbay Supermarket – which is bigger, more inventively designed, with a greater range of SKUs and an emphasis on fresh foods and local specialties. It is, in the words of CEO Shelley Broader, “all about the food.”

And, in Detroit, Meijer is opening a new store designed by theatrical architect David Rockwell – which the Detroit Free Press describes as having “expanded and updated clothing, electronics and grocery departments. The new look includes a warmer color palette, lower merchandise displays, wider aisles and easy-to-follow signage.” The store also features “other test items such as an expanded bakery, cheese and wine section along with organic food throughout the grocery, deli and meat departments. Customers can have their meat selections hand-trimmed by a butcher. The deli will offer chicken and ribs to go along with deli sandwiches, salads and frozen gourmet meal items.”
KC's View:
Sometimes, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

The fact is, it is only through this kind of innovation – both in style and content - that supermarkets can break through the clutter and away from the competition. We applaud the moves by both companies.