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  • A new service, Harvesting America, has been launched that is endeavoring to allow customers to shop online for non-perishable groceries and have them delivered nationwide without delivery charges – for a monthly subscription fee of $14.95 per month. In addition, the Harvesting America model says it will compensate shoppers who refer new customers to the subscription service, though specifics about how much people will reimbursed is not detailed on the company’s website.

    “We are building a national community of individuals whose goal is to lower the price of food in America,” said Fred Weih, president/CEO of the company. “I believe Harvesting America’s grass root approach to engaging the consumer to participate in the grocery shopping experience will improve the quality of life for millions of Americans and change the way we shop for groceries forever.

KC's View:
Forever is a long time. We think that simply shooting for profitability in 2005 would be a pretty nice goal.

That said, this is an intriguing model – a little Amway for our tastes, but interesting nonetheless.

The question is whether demonstrable value can be proven, and whether people will be willing to pay a subscription fee to access the program. The company has some good people on its advisory board, and as readers of MNB know, we’re big on the whole “building community” concept.

Be a fascinating business to watch evolve.