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Talk about price wars.

Wal-Mart, Blockbuster and Netflix are going at it big-time in the DVD rent-by-mail business

Wal-Mart has cut the price of renting three DVDs at a time (ordered via the Internet, delivered and returned via the mail) to $17.36 a month. That beats the newly lowered prices for the same type plan offered by Netflix ($17.99) and Blockbuster ($17.49).

Part of what seems to be driving the price war is the possible entry into the business of a company that hasn’t announced its intentions yet – And the bigger question seems to be whether anyone, at these prices, can operate business model that is profitable.
KC's View:
Even though it is 63 cents a month more expensive, we’re sticking with the pioneer and original – Netflix. We like the service and the selection, and we’ve never been disappointed by them. That’s worth a lot.