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Last night, with a wonderful chicken parmesan, we enjoyed a lovely Rodney Strong 2001 Cabernet from Sonoma. Full and ripe, and tasting of blackberries and vanilla, this is a terrific wine. It’s a little pricey (it costs more than $25, but we could afford to drink it because it was a birthday present) but good enough that we’d spend the money so we could drink it for a special occasion.

By the way, we finally had a chance to watch “Super Size Me” on DVD the other evening. If you haven’t seen it, you should – it is a terrific piece of filmmaking by documentarian Morgan Spurlock in which he documents a month during which he eats nothing but McDonald’s food, and chronicles the effect it has on his physical and mental health. It is loaded with attitude and clearly one-sided…but fascinating to watch. It’s also very funny, which takes the edge off the more dogmatic parts.

Most importantly, it is an absolutely clear and unvarnished look at one perspective on the food industry. And an absolute must-see.
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