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  • Yesterday, MNB reported that with about 70 percent of the votes counted, it appeared that California Proposition 72 – which, if passed by referendum, would have required all businesses with more than 50 employees to provide health insurance and pay for 80 percent of it – was going down to defeat.

    By mid-day, that proved to be true. And Wal-Mart, which contributed $500,000 to the forces opposing the law, issued the following statement:

    ”Like the rest of the business community, we are pleased voters rejected
    Prop. 72. As one of California's leading employers, we care about the health of our 60,000 employees here. That's why we provide our employees with affordable, quality health care coverage. We certainly support the goal of affordable health care for all Californians. But as businesses, school districts, the Governor and even most of the major newspapers in California have pointed out, Prop. 72 was not the right approach.

    “Prop. 72 was never about Wal-Mart. It was about allowing businesses to operate without unreasonable government mandates, it was about the survival of small businesses, and it was about consumer choice in health care benefits. California voters agreed, rejecting what would have been an extremely expensive, government-mandated health care plan."

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