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The Cleveland Plain Dealer profiles one of the nation’s best supermarkets, Jungle Jim’s International Market in Fairfield, Ohio, a 270,000 square foot food store that offers more than 110,000 SKUs.

Jungle Jim’s is the ultimate ingredient store, differentiating itself by being a unit by and for foodies.

"We carry things you just can't find anywhere else," Jungle Jim Bonaminio, the store’s founder, tells the paper. "We pride ourselves on getting items from every country in the world and not just a few items, but many items. A regular store may carry two or three items from India; we carry everything you would find in a typical store in India. That's the difference."
KC's View:
We have some experience with Jungle Jim’s having written several stories about the store and shot three or four different video pieces there…the most recent being just a few months ago.

And it really is one of the most remarkable stores in the country, run by one of the canniest retailers out there.

Our favorite symbol of the store – and one of its newest additions – is the in-store fish farm. Unhappy with the quality of fresh fish available to its customers, Jungle Jim decided to spend a half-million dollars on enormous tanks in which fresh fish can be raised and harvested.

Jungle Jim says that he may not ever get his money back on the installation…and describes it as part of his “madness.” But the subtext is that it creates an enormous billboard for everything that makes the store different…and that translates into more traffic and more sales.

We all should have that kind of madness.