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Rouses Markets, the largest independent supermarket company in Louisiana, reportedly will build a new one of its Epicurean Market format stores, a 62,000 square foot unit, in St. Tammany Parish. The store, which features a broader selection of specialty foods and wines that the company’s mainstream units, is scheduled to be open by this time next year.

Rouses currently operates 15 stores in Louisiana.
KC's View:
Tell you a story about Rouses…

Years ago, we were producing a monthly video program called Supermarket Insights, and we were shooting a segment at a Rouses store in Houma, Louisiana. Now, normally when we’d shoot pieces in supermarkets, the crew would always leave the store to have lunch at a local restaurant or fast food joint.

But not at Rouses. There, we feasted on red beans and rice, and gumbo, and crawfish etouffee, and assorted other Cajun specialties…and lunch went on for two hours. And we can remember the tastes and the smells and the smiles of the crew to this day.

That’s what supermarkets ought to be all about.