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The Associated Press reports that a number of corporate CEOs – including Steve Jobs of Apple Computers Inc., Michael Eisner from Walt Disney Co., John Mackey of Whole Foods Market Inc., Norm Mason of Cat Communications International, and Bill Ford of Ford Motor Co. – are enabling the creation of cafeterias that offer vegan and vegetarian meals, often for free. Non-veggie meals also are available, but a greater number of vegetarian options are available than is traditionally the case.

In some cases, the executives are simply trying to offer employees a greater number of options so they can eat healthier cuisine. But in others – such as Mason of Cat Communications – the move is actually part of a coordinated campaign to convert employees to a meatless lifestyle.

"I try to combine as much preaching with living by example," Mason told the AP. "That's why the cafeteria is free. Nobody's forced to eat in the cafeteria. They can go somewhere else. If they want to spend their money, that is their right.

"But I hope through example, they would say, 'Hey, this is pretty good stuff.'"
KC's View:
Last week, it was college students who wanted vegan meals. Now it is CEOs.

See a pattern?