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First of all, thanks to the dozens of you who wrote in last Friday and over the weekend to wish us good luck in the 29th annual Marine Corps Marathon, which we ran on Sunday.

A brief report – when we ran the same marathon three years ago, we did it in about five and a half hours, and it was our unspoken goal to come in under five hours in our second attempt. We’ve had a knee surgery in the meantime, so this was the first year since that we’d been able to run in a marathon.

For the first 20 of so miles, we were going like gangbusters – on a pace to do the whole thing in under five hours. But then, in mile 21, our knee started screaming at us in languages we’d never heard before. And the heat finally started to bother us. And we hit the wall, and then the wall smacked us back a few times.

Long story short – it took us an hour and a half to finish the last six miles and drag ourselves over the finish line. Our time was within a few minutes of our time three years ago…but while we were irritated by that as we limped along in mile 24 yesterday, we’re not nearly as bothered by it this morning.

After all, we ran the thing, we survived and we finished. Slow and steady doesn’t always win, the race, but it usually results in finishing it…and sometimes, that’s enough.
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