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The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports on how Target Corp. is actively promoting low grocery prices there as a reason for consumers to patronize its supercenters, telling shoppers through advertising and in-store messages that it has “surprising brands, incredible prices," and that they can “eat well, pay less.”

The company has been energized by the number of price surveys in Minneapolis-St. Paul that have lauded the company’s price position. "We are never given as much credit as we deserve," Greg Duppler, a Target Corp. senior vice president, told the paper.

While Target’s rollout of supercenters has lagged behind that of Wal-Mart, the company has the same general goal as its Arkansas rival – to get more people coming into its stores and spending money on a more regular basis on food, while generating more sales out of the higher-margin nonfoods departments.
KC's View:
Target usually is given credit for taking a more artistic approach to the retailing environment than Wal-Mart, though it remains to be seen in the long run whether a more fashionable store milieu is compatible with a low price image.

It also remains to be seen how Target will fare in Minneapolis-St. Paul when Wal-Mart comes to town.