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A new study from the American Pharmacists Association (APA) suggests that there is a clear correlation between the strength of the relationship between the consumer and his or her pharmacist and that consumer's being properly informed so as to use medications with lower risk of adverse effects and better health outcomes.
KC's View:
We have to admit to being of two minds about this survey.

On the one hand, it sounds like it makes sense both for the consumer and the retailer. After all, in an increasingly technological store environment, the pharmacist can be a valuable touch-point through which a relationship with the consumer can be forged.

That said, we’ve been getting prescriptions at the same CVS for more than a decade…and we haven’t the foggiest idea who the pharmacist is, nor do we care. We just want the stuff to be ready when we need it, and for the right pills to be in the right bottle – and in neither case do we need a personal relationship.

Hate to sound cranky, but there it is…