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The Wall Street Journal reports that Atkins Nutritionals will stop using the term “net carbs” on its packaging, saying that it is an “imprecise” phrase of measuring carbohydrates. Instead, the commercial arm of the low-carb diet empire says it will coin a new term, “net Atkins count,” which will take into account the impact on blood sugar levels that a product has.

The paper notes that the change in terminology is expected to sidestep expected new regulations from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about the use of low-carb jargon.
KC's View:
There also would appear to be a marketing component to the Atkins announcement. After all, while Atkins used to pretty much own the low-carb category, these days the shelves are crowded with competing SKUs while demand for the products appear to be leveling off. So one way for Atkins to differentiate itself is to create a phrase that nobody else is likely to employ.

As in all thing Atkins, it always ends up looking like marketing is a lot more important than medicine.