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  • The Rocky Mountain News reports that while talks continue between the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) and negotiators for Safeway, Albertsons and Safeway in the Denver market, there seems to be a growing sense that the two sides aren’t getting any closer to an agreement.

    The contract between the two sides expired on September 11, but has been extended to October 16.

    Still, the union is complaining that the chains have not made an offer since the contract expired, while the chains describe that assertion as “ludicrous,” noting that “comprehensive proposals” have been on the table since before the contract expired.

    As always, much of the contentiousness between the two sides has to do with health care and the chains’ desire to reduce those costs in the face of tough competition.

  • Unionized employees at Kroger’s Food 4 Less stores in Southern California have ratified a new three-year labor contract that, according to company spokesman Bryan Kaltenbach, “represents a balanced solution that provides our associates with the good health care and competitive wages they deserve at a cost that is fair to everyone involved, including Food 4 Less customers.”

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