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The Guardian in the UK reports that McDonald’s – in a move almost certain to be controversial – has struck a deal with the Vegetarian Society there that will allow the fast food company to create and market meat-free products that will carry a seal of approval from the society.

And, Reuters reports that in an effort to become more enticing to French consumers, McDonald’s in France has hired Olivier Pichot – who has worked at exclusive restaurants throughout the country – to improve both the level of food sold by the company and its image as a purveyor of “junk food.”

"McDonald's has an American image and that doesn't please everyone, but for me it isn't necessarily associated with eating badly. It's simply a question of being adult and knowing how to eat properly, and after that it's up to you what you choose,” Pichot tells the news service.

"McDonald's said to me: 'Help us find a new solution. Help us to expand what we have on offer. Help us to diversify people's tastes. Help us to educate children because if children don't eat vegetables at home it's because they haven't been taught'," he said. And, he says, the company is pushing him to innovate.
KC's View:
We keep thinking of Inspector Clouseau trying to turn a Big Mac into Chateaubriand…

Still, it is interesting to watch McDonald’s adjust its positioning in Europe, mindful that as the consumer changes, it also has to adjust its heading.