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We’ve discovered a new everyday wine, a 2003 Pinot Noir from Duck Pond Cellars…which is nicely crisp and terrific with salmon.

And, we enjoyed a somewhat pricier but very nice 2002 Rully White Burgundy from France’s Bouchard Pere & Fils. Excellent with shrimp…

Which leads us to another point.

We mentioned earlier this week a shrimp, tomato and feta cheese dish we’d made, and subsequently received several requests for the recipe, which we’ve dubbed “Shrimp It’s All Greek To Me.”

Well, here it is…

    In a large pan, heat up some olive oil.
    Sautee two large chopped onion until golden. Add some Emeril’s Essence, to taste.
    Chop up three large tomatoes. Add to pan, and cook on a high heat until saucy.
    Add half cup of white wine and cook down until it starts getting thick.
    Add a little bit more white wine.
    Add a pound of either fresh or frozen/defrosted shrimp. (It doesn’t matter what country it is from.)
    Cook on high heat until shrimp is cooked. Add some more Emeril’s Essence.
    Add one pound of crumbled feta cheese. Cook until meted and mixture is thick.

Pour the shrimp/tomato/feta over a bowl of cooked pasta; we tend to prefer the Mammarella organic pastas from Francis Ford Coppola.

Serve with a nice Caprese Salad…a good wine…dim the lights…put on a George Cables CD…and enjoy!

Sláinte!! And have a great weekend.
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