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There have been few people in the food industry more critical of Wal-Mart than Eddie Basha, CEO of Arizona-based Bashas’. He has criticized Wal-Mart for not giving its employees enough health benefits and putting small retailers out of business.

Well, in an effort to drive traffic and sales this summer, Bashas’ ran a summer sweepstakes.

The prize: $1 million.

The winner: Nell Ann Massion…who happens to be a Wal-Mart employee.

According to a story in the Arizona Republic, when it handed over the check to Massion, Bashas’ also reportedly offered her a job. She hasn’t said yes yet, but she did say she’d use part of the money to get some dental work done and to fund her eventual retirement.
KC's View:
Ah, blessed irony. And on so many levels, too…