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  • Published reports now say that while executives at Ahold-owned Bruno’s in Alabama had hoped to have a labor agreement in place before selling the company, they are now saying that the lack of a negotiated contract shouldn’t inhibit a sale.

    The contract between Bruno’s and the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) expired on September 25, but both sides continue to negotiate. At the same time, there are reports that a sale of the division by Ahold may be getting closer.

  • Kroger plans to roll out a new credit card this weekend, tying purchases made using the card to a frequent shopper rewards program.

    Shoppers get one point for every dollar spent using the card, two points for every dollar spent using the card at Kroger, and three points for every dollar spent on Kroger private label products. A thousand points gets the shopper a $10 gift certificate to be used at Kroger.

  • Tesco reportedly plans to introduce radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking by the end of the year for certain products sold in its stores.

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