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The Washington Post reports that Amy Bentley, an associate professor in nutrition, food studies and public health at New York University’s school of education, postulates that the low-carb diet has actually achieved something other than helping a lot of people lose weight quickly – it has created an environment in which dieting is more acceptable for men.

The reason, according to Bentley: low-carb diets allow men to eat hunks of red meat, which is seen as masculine.

And, she suggests, it isn’t an accident that the low-carb diets have largely been promulgated by men like Dr. Robert Atkins.
KC's View:
This is the biggest load of hooey we’ve ever heard. It’s 2004, and it seems to us that it’s time to put aside all these old-world notions of what is masculine and feminine behavior.

It’s this same kind of thinking that locks so many food retailers into thinking that they only ought to market themselves to one particular kind of customer, and not broaden their approach and target demographic. Retailers need to realize that a lot of the old stereotypes are breaking down…

The fact is, we’ve always thought that the toughest part of the low-carb diets is that they consist of too much red meat. Monday, we made salmon. Tuesday, we made lasagna. Last night, we made a shrimp, tomato and feta cheese dish. And tonight, it’ll probably be meat loaf.

It’s a changing target, folks.