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  • Whereas Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz previously has said that his goal was to have 10,000 stores in the US, he now wants to double the current fleet of US stores to more than 12,000.

    “To meet that target,” Newsweek reports, “Starbucks will speed up its rollout of drive-throughs and kiosks at airports and supermarkets. And it will continue challenging one of the prime tenets of retail: don't locate your new stores close to your old ones.”

  • A survey of 177 school food service directors by the School Nutrition Association found that 39 percent of respondents are making “significant” efforts to provide more healthful choices in school lunch programs, and 42 percent are making “moderate” efforts.

  • Kroger reportedly will reopen negotiations next week with the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) in Cincinnati, looking to come up with a new contract to replace the one that expires October 9. The two sides reportedly exchanged health care proposals last week, but were “not even close” in terms of coming to an agreement.

  • reports that Ireland’s Dunnes Stores has opened a new gourmet sandwich and coffee shop, Taste, in the center of Dublin, with plans to roll out the concept elsewhere in the country.

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