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“High fiber intake promotes good health, lowering cholesterol and helping prevent heart disease and cancer,” according to a piece in the Wall Street Journal. “It also aids in regulating the release of sugar into the blood, which prevents blood-sugar swings and curbs feelings of hunger. Last but not least, it keeps the internal plumbing regular.”

The problem is, Americans traditionally have not had enough fiber in their diets, a situation made worse by the low-carb craze that has reduced even further the amounts of fiber consumed by Americans. The National Fiber Council estimates that most Americans get roughly half the fiber they need, while people on low-carb diets get about 25 percent of the fiber they need to consume.

Atkins Nutritionals, the commercial arm of the Atkins low-carb empire, suggests that people can rectify the problem by either taking fiber supplements or by eating Atkins-branded products that are fiber-rich without having too many carbs.
KC's View:
It always makes us crazy when people suggest taking supplements instead of consuming the foods required to get the necessary nutrients. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains – all good stuff to eat – are a far better way to get fiber than some bill.

By the way, when you read as much as stuff as we do, you start to see that “high fiber” is beginning to generate the kind of media attention that “low carb” was getting just a few years ago. There are those who believe it will be the next big trend.