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  • Bloomberg reports that the Quebec Labour Relations Board has ordered Wal-Mart to stop trying to prevent a unionization drive at one of its Montreal-area stores.

    The board certified a union local after a majority of employees at the Wal-Mart signed membership cards. It is now up to the union to organize the store’s employees, an effort that the union says Wal-Mart has been resisting.

  • The discovery process in the gender discrimination suit against Wal-Mart has been stopped by a federal judge, who said that it could not resume until an Appellate Court rules on whether or not the case can be given class action status.

    The original case was filed by several women, and was then granted class action status that would include 1.6 million women as plaintiffs. Wal-Mart, which is accused of not paying women as much as men in comparable jobs and of holding back promotions from female employees, is appealing that decision, saying that all compensation and promotion decisions are made at store level, and therefore a class action suit is inappropriate.

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