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Yesterday, we hosted a conference call meeting of the first MNB Share Group, discussing the issues of obesity and nutrition and what retailers can do to turn these challenges into opportunities.

More than 50 people applied to be a part of the session, which was scheduled to run between 30 and 45 minutes and ended up going for an hour and ten minutes; we limited the number of people involved to a manageable dozen folks, many of them from some of the best retailers in the nation.

For the moment, at least, we’re going to respect the confidentiality of the session; but the really good news is that we actually developed some action steps to start working on. And that process begins today.

We hope to have more sessions devoted to this subject, and to others; the success of this group leads us to believe that the MNB community actually extends beyond the Internet, and we want to encourage the connection that we have to each other.

And finally, we need to once again thank Eric Gault and Heaven’s Bistro pizza – the official frozen pizza of MNB World Headquarters - for making the share group session possible.

As we mentioned to the share group yesterday, we hope you’ll all make an effort to try Heaven’s Bistro, because it is companies like this one that help to make MNB and this share group possible.
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