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The New York Times reports that a new restaurant in Rome, Òbikà, advertises itself as the world’s first mozzarella cheese bar – and for the moment seems to be doing healthy business.

Five different kinds of mozzarella cheese are shipped to the restaurant each day, and are used as the centerpiece in a variety of dishes.

The NYT writes, “Òbikà's most popular dish is the buffalo mozzarella sampler, which consists of three softball-size portions. But there is also the burrata, a creamy, even buttery mozzarella served with cherry tomatoes and spicy Calabrian salami on the side. Also popular is a fiordilatte mozzarella, made from cows' milk, sliced and served on a platter next to sushi-style mixing bowls full of onion or fig marmalade. A sort of buffalo mozzarella wrap around salmon and arugala also has its fair share of fans.”
KC's View:
While some critics suggest that a mozzarella bar is the height of effete gastronomic pretension, from our perspective it passes one test: when we read the NYT description, we got hungry.

Wish we’d known about Òbikà when we were in Rome a few months ago. Sounds like our kind of place…