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Yesterday, in a commentary included in the “Your Views” section, we referred to the “nut jobs” who several years ago accused Procter & Gamble of funneling nits profits to Satanic worshippers. The comment was made in connection to the ongoing story about P&G being targeted for a boycott by two groups upset with the company’s position on a statute related to gay and lesbian civil rights; the groups feel that P&G’s position is a de-facto endorsement of gay marriage, which the company denies.

Now, according to press reports, one of the groups calling for the boycott also was connected to the accusations about Satanic worshippers.

MNB received several emails yesterday accusing us of being unfair with our use of the phrase “nut jobs,” feeling that a disagreement over gay civil rights did not mean that we could or should demean the people with whom we disagree.

We concur. People have a right to their own opinions, and we respect the fact that passionately held beliefs about gay-related issues bring people down on different sides of the issue – in fact, that’s why we’ve run so many emails on the subject.

Just to be clear, we were referring only to people who accused P&G of funneling money back to Satanic cults as being “nut jobs”…and it seemed like a reasonable characterization. This was not a reference to the gay marriage issue.

And, by the way, there are more than a few people who think we’re a nut job. (Some of them are in-laws.) And they certainly are entitled to have that opinion and express it.
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