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Market research firm Mintel has released a study reporting that vegetarian food sales have reached $1.6 billion, double the amount of just six years ago. For purposes of this study, vegetarian foods were defined as those products that directly replace animal or meat-related products, such as soy milk.

In addition, MSNBC reports that the Vegetarian Resource Group “estimates that 2.8 percent of adult Americans consider themselves vegetarian, up from 2.3 percent in a 2000 survey. Another 6 percent to 10 percent of the population said it was ‘almost vegetarian’ and another 20 percent to 25 percent are ‘vegetarian inclined,’ or intentionally reducing meat in their diet.”
KC's View:
Eight out of ten people, according to MSNBC, say that meat should be part of a healthy diet, and more than seven out of ten people have changed their eating habits because of health concerns. While we’re not sure that there’s a threat of pervasive vegetarianism breaking out, we do think there is pretty good evidence that this is a category around which more retailers ought to be strategizing…especially as baby boomers get older and probably even more self-involved.