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Style doyenne Martha Stewart said yesterday that she has decided to surrender to authorities now and start serving her prison sentence rather than wait until after her appeal is heard.

She was convicted this summer for lying about a stock transaction and sentenced to five months in prison and five months of house arrest.

Steward said she wanted "to put this nightmare behind me, both personally and professionally." She said she hoped to serve her time at a minimum-security facility in Danbury, Conn., close to her home in Westport. She would serve her house arrest at an estate in Bedford, NY.

However, Stewart said that she “will appeal the verdict and continue to fight to clear my name. I believe in the fairness of the judicial system and remain confident that I will ultimately prevail.”

After her July sentencing, Stewart told ABC News that she would have no problem doing the time. "I could do it. I'm a really good camper. ... There are many, many good people who have gone to prison. Look at Nelson Mandela.”

Yesterday, she told a press conference that while going to prison now would force her to miss the holiday season as well as her pet dogs, cats, canaries and chickens, it would allow her to get out of prison in time to plant a spring vegetable garden.
KC's View:
Forget prison. We think that the judge would have done everyone a favor just by ordering Martha to shut up.