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Gap Inc. announced that it will launch a new chain during the second half of next year, aimed at the almost 40 million women in the US over 35 years of age.

"We'll start with 10 stores and see where it goes," CEO Paul Pressler told the Wall Street Journal. "When we think about growth strategies, we are looking for opportunities that are going to meaningfully add to our growth, given the size of our company."

In addition to the chain that bears its name, Gap also runs Banana Republic and Old Navy. A name for the new chain has not been revealed.
KC's View:
How about “Ample”?

Get it? “Gap.” “Ample.”

Ah, forget it. It was an “over 35” joke, and now we’re probably in trouble with Mrs. Content Guy (who is just barely 35+…)

Actually we bring this story up not just to make weak jokes, but because it raises an interesting point about the lack of segmentation that is seen in food retailing. So many supermarkets are aimed at a broad demographic, with retailers thinking they can be all things to all people. But moves such as the one being made by Gap suggest to us that maybe there are opportunities not being exploited by food retailers…that more demographically targeted stores could have a role in revitalizing the business model.

Just a thought.