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  • Published reports say that Kraft Foods has decided to sell its underperforming Breyers yogurt brand. It sold its Breyers ice cream brand to Unilever back in 1993.

    Analysts are debating whether the sale is an isolated event or part of a broader housecleaning process that could result in a slimmed-down Kraft portfolio of products.

  • Convenience Store News has a nice piece this week about how 7-Eleven hired three college students to serve as interns with a specific mission – go through more than 150 new product concepts and winnow them down to 25 ideas that they believe will have real relevance to consumers.

    The interns reported directly to 7-Eleven CEO Jim Keyes, and were hired because the company believes that people that age have a unique insight into popular culture and the young consumer – a link that the c-store company would like to capitalize on.

    It is the fourth year for 7-Eleven’s New Product Development Internship Program.

  • A new study out of Canada suggests that men who drink four or more cups of coffee a day are almost twice as likely to get bladder cancer as people who don’t drink coffee. Now, this isn’t a conclusive study by any means – in fact, the researchers say that it only “is suggestive of a possible relationship” and say the issue needs further study.

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