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It was reported yesterday that Procter & Gamble’s Crest toothpaste is going to be playing a supporting role on NBC’s hit show The Apprentice, as contestants design a new marketing plan for the venerable brand.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that P&G paid millions for the product placement and advertising time, hoping to have an impact on the estimated 25 million viewers who watch the Donald Trump-hosted show.

Last night, both Toys R Us and Mattel got plus, as the contestants were challenged to design a new toy for the manufacturing company.
KC's View:
As always, last night’s edition of The Apprentice was an over-the-top, compelling celebration of excess, ego and extraordinary narcissism. It was ironic, somehow, to see Trump – who has been suffering his own financial setbacks lately – applauding Toys R Us as an impressive US corporation at a time when the company is thinking of getting out of the toy business.

The biggest problem with designing a toy for Mattel was that virtually none of the contestants seemed to have any feel for kids or toy stores. It’ll be interesting to see how these overachievers do with Crest…they may not know much about consumer packaged goods, but they almost certainly all have sharp teeth.