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Apparently, Olivia Newton-John had it right back in 1981 when she sang:

    Let's get physical, physical,
    I wanna get physical, let's get into physical
    Let me hear your body talk,
    Your body talk, let me hear your body talk

Okay, maybe she wasn’t singing exactly about exercise…but the words still foreshadowed research released by the University of Florida College of Medicine in Gainesville, which says that the way to a strong heart is through exercise, not diet.

"Lack of physical fitness is a stronger risk factor for developing heart disease than being overweight or obese," Timothy Wessel, a cardiologist with the college, tells the Toronto Globe and Mail.

The research doesn’t suggest that it is okay to be obese or overweight as long as you exercise frequently and strenuously. However, it does say that when eventually you push yourself away from the table, it is in your best interests to head for the gym.

There may be some legitimate statistical questions to raise about the study, however. It only looked at women, and even the researchers in Florida said that not enough work has bee done in connecting the dots among obesity, exercise and heart problems.
KC's View:
We certainly hope this study’s conclusions are correct.

Our personal experience is that it is entirely possible to cut out French fries, desserts, and beer, run more than 30 miles a week, and not lose weight.

Then again, there are those out there who would suggest that we don’t have to worry about having a healthy heart because we don’t actually have one…