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  • Numerous press reports say that retailers in Florida are struggling to resupply their stores so they can get back up and running in the wake of the devastation left by Hurricane Frances over the weekend.

    In addition to getting product into the stores, the other problem appears to be one of power – getting electricity into the stores, and clearing away the downed power lines that are preventing access to so many streets and highways around the state.

  • Ahold’s Albert Heijn chain in the Netherlands reportedly plans to expand its convenience store presence by opening them in both industrial sites and on university campuses, according to a report from

  • A new report from French retailers and appearing in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that moderate intake of wine can be helpful in preventing death when consumed by people with high blood pressure.

    High consumption of wine or any consumption of beer didn’t seem to have any impact on people’s health.

    In part, the study focused on the higher mortality rates experienced by people in the US and northern Europe as compared with people in Mediterranean countries where people drink wine on a more consistent basis.

    Wine Spectator, by the way, also reports on another study suggesting that people who have suffered heart attacks need not give up wine in order to help the heart heal – though it concedes that there have been contradicting studies in this area. Some say that wine helps ward off a second heart attack, and others (including the American Heart association) currently say that heart attack survivors should abstain from all alcohol.

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