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Two stories in the media speak to how food retailers are trying out new locations and sizes as they try to appeal to an evolving consumer base.

The Fayetteville Observer, for example, reports that Food Lion is looking for locations in smaller towns from Pennsylvania to Florida, filling in less populated areas and in some cases being the first grocer to serve certain communities. A fairly new 28,000 square foot prototype is being used in many of the smaller towns.

Of course, this comes as Food Lion tests a new Bloom format in North Carolina with a stronger convenience and fresh foods orientation. In fact, Food Lion plans to open two more Bloom units in the next week – one this week in Mint Hill, N.C., and its fourth next week in Harrisburg, N.C.,

In addition, there are published reports out of Texas saying that Minyard Food Stores has opened its first c-store in Lancaster, Texas. The company has 14 fuel-only stores, but this is the first time it has offered sandwiches, fountain drinks and coffee from one of its On The Go locations.
KC's View:
Kudos to both. If we owned a chain, we’d be trying anything and everything to maintain and grow market share before someone tries to come in and take it away. No cow would be sacred, no experiment out of bounds.

We sort of feel strongly about this whole relevance issue. See our “Essay” below.