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  • We really liked “Open Water,” the new independent film shot for $135,000 by writer/director Chris Kentis. (If for no other reason, see it to see how a $135,000 movie shot with a digital video camera can be a lot better than some of the $100 million movies that are out there. It makes one feel good to be an independent…any kind of independent.)

    The story is fairly simple. It follows a busy married couple, played by Blanchard Ryan and Daniel Travis, who manage to take a few days out of their hectic lives to go on an island vacation. The marriage isn’t perfect, and nor is the vacation – during a scuba diving trip, they are mistakenly left behind in the open waters of the ocean to deal with currents, jellyfish, and, yes, sharks.

    But what makes the movie work for me is the utterly believable dialogue and relationship between the two people, who have to deal with unspeakable horrors as they face their own mortality. It’s scary, thrilling, and sobering.

    Good stuff.

  • As for our wine of the week, try the 2003 Icardi L'aurora, Piemonte from Italy, which is wonderfully crisp and light – perfect for pasta and seafood during the waning days of August.


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