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PepsiCo is introducing a new soft drink - Mountain Dew Baja Blast, which is described by the company as having “a unique turquoise-green color and a flavor best described as Mountain Dew blasted with tropical lime.” However, if you want to drink one, you’ll have to eat at Taco Bell…because that’s the only place selling it.

The companies said in a prepared statement that it is “the first time an international beverage company and quick-service restaurant have collaborated to create a proprietary beverage specifically designed to complement the chain's menu items.

PepsiCo clearly is making some unorthodox moves to build sales in the category. In addition to Mountain Dew Baja Blast, last week the company announced that it will launch two new soft drinks this year for limited runs: Mountain Dew Pitch Black, will be on store shelves from late August through Halloween, and Pepsi Holiday Spice, which will hit stores November 1 for an eight-week appearance through the end of the year.
KC's View:
We read a story the other day suggesting that lime is the new ”it” flavor…so what Pepsi and Taco Bell are doing with Baja Blast would seem to make sense from a taste perspective.

You have to wonder, though. If Baja Blast is a huge hit at Taco Bell, won’t there be a lot of pressure on Pepsi to roll it out in other venues?

It’s certainly an interesting way to test market a new product.