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PepsiCo Inc., which already has been aggressively catering to nutrition and obesity concerns in its Frito-Lay division, announced yesterday that it will begin putting a ‘Smart Spot” logo on more than 200 items manufactured by the company that meet specific nutrition criteria.

The 200 items represent just under 40 percent of the company’s total product line, and the move is aimed at another statistic – that only 10 percent of those polled said that Pepsi was “concerned” with their health.

The products with the logo, which will incorporate text that says “Smart Choices Made Easy,” will include everything from chips to cereals to soft drinks.

"I have no doubt we will have critics of this program," said Steve Reinemund, PepsiCo chairman and chief executive. But, he said, "I think it will help consumers make better choices."
KC's View:
He’s right. The program will have critics. Some soft drink that Pepsi makes will end up carrying the logo, and people will suggest that it isn’t really healthy.

That’s not to suggest that this “Smart Spot” program isn’t a good idea. It is. But Pepsi will have to be vigilant about making sure that everything it says and does is above reproach.